Alex Howes


Netherland, Colorado, USA

Date of birth

1 January 1988






Milano - Torino

Mar. 16, 2022
Race finished

Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali

Mar. 22, 2022 – Mar. 26, 2022
Race finished

Sea Otter Classic - Life Time Grand Prix

Apr. 07, 2022 – Apr. 10, 2022
Race finished

If you ask Alex when he started cycling, he will tell you “from the beginning.” In fact, that’s how long he’s been with the team. We are proud that Alex Howes has spent his entire pro career with the team, dating back to the early days.

Over the course of his road career, Alex has won stages at the USA Pro Challenge, the Colorado Classic, and the Tour of Alberta, as well as the US Road Race Championships in 2019. In 2022 he will race a mixed calendar of road races and alternative races, including the Life Time Grand Prix series.

The Coloradan has traveled the world thanks to cycling and he continues to marvel at the sport. “I’m constantly amazed at how far we can go on just some H20 and the food in our pockets,” he says. “The efficiency of human and bike.”

Question & answer

What's your first cycling memory?

Crashing into loud metal trash cans as a little kid trying to learn how to ride.

What do you love the most about cycling?

I'm constantly amazed a how far we can go on just some H2O and the food in our pockets. The efficiency of the human/bike machine never ceases to amaze me.

What is your favorite climb?

Sa Calobra in Mallorca never fails to put a smile on my face.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?


Coffee or tea?

Coffee. American drip. Black.

Featured in


Milano - Torino

Mar. 16, 2022
Race finished

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