Daniel Arroyave


Yarumal, Colombia

Date of birth

19 June 2000


Spanish, English


Darrow, Tildado, care loco, hakuna matata


Prueba Villafranca - Ordiziako Klasika

Jul. 25, 2022
Race finished

Vuelta a Castilla y Leon

Jul. 27, 2022 – Jul. 29, 2022
Race finished

Daniel began riding as a 14-year-old in his native Antioquia, Colombia. While he loves that racing has taken him all over the world, his favorite place to ride will always be at home in Santa Elena, Colombia. Now in his second season with EF Education-EasyPost, he favors long climbs, particularly the 15-kilometer Alto de Matasanos near Medellin.

When he’s not on the bike, you’ll find Daniel studying English, meditating, daydreaming about seeing the Northern Lights, or making French press coffee.

Question & answer

What's your first cycling memory?

When it was my first year in cycling, and the Vuelta a Colombia came through my town (Yarumal). I was able to be part of the neutral start and see many great cyclists.

What's your favorite place to ride your bike?

Every place I go to has its charm, but my favorite place is Santa Elena, Antioquia, where I live and do my training.

What is your favorite climb?

For me it's the Alto de Matasanos, a climb near Medellin. It's 15 km long with a change of climate from hot to cold.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

To the polar areas, to see the Northern Lights at night

Coffee or tea?

Coffee from a French press.


Prueba Villafranca - Ordiziako Klasika

Jul. 25, 2022
Race finished

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