Jens Keukeleire


Brugge, Belgium

Date of birth

23 November 1988


Dutch (Flemish), French, English


Jenske, Keuks


Grand Prix Cycliste de Marseille

Jan. 30, 2022
Race finished

Etoile de Bessèges - Tour du Gard

Feb. 02, 2022 – Feb. 06, 2022
Race finished

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad Elite

Feb. 26, 2022
Race finished

With cycling a national pastime in Belgium, Jens can’t remember a time when he didn’t ride a bike. His earliest cycling memory is going to the Alps with his family to watch the Tour de France. Since then, he has raced across Europe and beyond, so perhaps it isn’t a surprise that he can’t pick just one favorite place to ride. He counts the Dolomites, the Ardennes, and the cobbles of Roubaix among his favorites. When he’s not off racing, you’ll find Jens at home with his two young sons.

Question & answer

What's your first cycling memory?

Going to the Alps in France to watch the Tour de France

What's your favorite place to ride your bike?

Many! Luxembourg, Dolomites, Ardennes, cobbles of Roubaix

What is your favorite training session?

Long rides, so rides of six hours and longer

What do you love the most about cycling?

The possibility to go almost everywhere in the world

Coffee or tea?

Coffee, any coffee

Featured in

EF Education-EasyPost returns to racing


Grand Prix Cycliste de Marseille

Jan. 30, 2022
Race finished

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