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Région Sud- France is home to 4.9 millions inhabitants, and three major cities in Marseille, Nice, and Toulon. From west to east, it features 900 kilometers of coastline that borders the Mediterranean. On the coastal regions follow the low shores (the Camargue and the Crau) and the high cliffs of the creeks. In the north and east, mountainous regions prevail. The big peaks of the Hautes-Alpes crest at 4,102 metres. Between the mountains and ocean lies the inner Provence, cradled between hills.

The region has a long and rich history of sporting excellence as well as cycling fandom. Marseille was named the European capital of sport in 2017, and will help host the 2024 Paris Olympic Games as an Olympic site. The Région Sud- France is a staple of the Tour de France with climbs such as Mont Ventoux, Col de la Bonette, and the Col de la Madone, and was the host of the “Grand Départ” of the 2020 Tour de France in Nice.