Cannondale and EF Pro Cycling extend partnership

The team will continue working with Cannondale to be a pioneer in developing the world’s best road, gravel, and mountain bikes

July 10, 2023

EF Pro Cycling and Cannondale Bicycles have been partners since 2015, moving the sport forward on roads and off and continually pushing the technical envelope of modern bike design.

And today, EFPC and Cannondale are proud to announce an even longer term partnership — one without an end date, in fact — that will see the American brand Cannondale and the EF Pro Cycling organization continue down the roads they embarked upon eight seasons ago.

The unique length of the partnership allows both Cannondale and EF Pro Cycling the time and latitude to keep building on what has already been a meaningful partnership by any measure. From stage wins to wild bike changeouts at the sport’s biggest grand tours, the partnership offers a unique mixture of performance and fun aligned around shared culture and values.

“We’ve won Tour, Giro, and Vuelta stages together. And Flanders, too,” said Jonathan Vaughters, EF Education-EasyPost CEO. “We’ve been pioneers together in the alternative racing space on Lachlan’s adventures, from the Alt Tour to the high peaks of Colorado. I love that we’ve achieved these things as a team, from the riders, to our team staff, and Cannondale, always helping us innovate and get the jobs done. What I admire about Cannondale is that they are always looking forward, technically and culturally. They’re a brand that’s saying, ‘how can we go faster,’ but also, ‘how can we make cycling more accessible? How can we make cycling more relevant, more approachable?’ Our team takes a similar approach.”

The team will continue working with Cannondale to be a pioneer in developing the world’s best road, gravel, and mountain bikes. The testing, feedback, and integration of team ideas into manufacturing is mutually beneficial for the team and Cannondale, both. Recently, EF Pro Cycling announced its plans to build, own, and manage a professional women’s team, with Cannondale as a title partner.

"Cannondale and EF Pro Cycling inspire the future of cycling, bringing more people into the sport. Together, we have moved it further, redefining what it means to race and ride - with character, heart, and ambition," added Marco Kind, managing director at Cannondale. "Races are our proving grounds. They are labs where the athletes test and provide us with valuable feedback allowing us to continue innovating and pushing ahead. While we look forward to building an even stronger foundation with the team, we also look to the fun and excitement of seasons to come.”

Andreas Klier, head of technical operations, has worked closely with Cannondale’s engineers over the last eight years and has been part of the rigorous development process. “Our racing bikes are truly the apex of performance,” Klier said. “What sets our relationship apart is that it is a collaboration, and we work together on every single detail. My door is always open, and so is theirs. We’ve also worked with Cannondale’s suppliers FSA, Vision, Prolologo, and Vittoria extensively to create the most advanced bikes and components in the peloton. And we’ll keep pushing forward together.”

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