Explore Podcast: A new era for EF Pro Cycling

Esra Tromp and Jonathan Vaughters talk about the 2024 season and the big plans we have for the future of EF Pro Cycling

January 19, 2024

Every year in December, our team gets together for a team camp in Girona.

This is an opportunity for our riders to engage in team building exercises, get some solid training in together, and set their sights on the team goals and objectives for the season ahead.

While this year's camp was similar in many ways, it had one major difference. For the first time in this team's history, it was a joint camp with our men's and women's squads.

We sat down with EF Education-Cannondale GM Esra Tromp, and EF Pro Cycling CEO Jonathan Vaughters at camp to talk about the 2024 season, how we’re joining our two squads together and forming one team, and what our goals are for the future.

And now, EF Education–Cannondale is set to kick off this new era in EF Pro Cycling history when they line up for the Trofeo Calvia Femina this Saturday. It's an exciting time to be part of EF Pro Cycling and you can be sure that wherever our riders are around the world they will be cheering each other on.

Get your headphones or turn on your speakers.

Let’s explore the world of cycling with Esra Tromp and Jonathan Vaughters.

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