Explore Podcast: The Queen of Roubaix

EF Education-TIBCO-SVB rider Alison Jackson and DS Tim Harris share the story behind their magical Paris-Roubaix win

April 4, 2023

Dreams do come true. On April 8, 2023, Alison Jackson won the third edition of Paris-Roubaix Femmes and became the first Canadian and North American to win the mythical race.

This week, we are celebrating the biggest victory in EF Education-TIBCO-SVB’s history with a special episode with winner of the 2023 Paris-Roubaix Alison Jackson and team Sport Director Tim Harris.

Alison Jackson already bears the crown of the queen of cycling TikTok. But on April 8, 2023 she earned the right to a new crown. The one of the queen of Paris-Roubaix. Alison became the first Canadian and North American rider to win the race in its long and storied history. From growing up on a farm in Vermilion, Alberta, to conquering the iconic cobbled farm roads of northern France, Alison is an inspiration to us all.

Tim Harris was the sport director in the car behind Alison for the entirety of the 145 kilometer race. He’s a legend of the sport. He’s a former British national road race champion. He has helped coach and mentor countless WorldTour pros. And two years ago, he won the men’s Paris-Roubaix as a sport director.

Dance. Cry. Cheer. Hug. Laugh. We went through every emotion on the finish line of Roubaix Velodrome. So join us on this ride as we explore the world of cycling together. My name is Kathryn Ezra, and this is the Explore Podcast.

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Let’s explore the world of cycling with Alison Jackson and Tim Harris.

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