Kristen Faulkner


Homer, Alaska, USA

Date of birth

18 December 1992


English, Spanish, and some Mandarin Chinese


Faulks and Fox

Kristen sees bike racing as a game of chess, where strategy, patience, and anticipating a competitor’s move make the sport demanding and thrilling. As she begins her fifth season, Kristen will focus on two goals for 2024: making the U.S. Olympic team for the time trial and developing as a GC rider. Given her palmarès, these are lofty but realistic goals. She is a proven time trialist, having won TTs in the Giro d’Italia Women, Tour de Suisse, and the Pan-American Games. She’s also had top ten GC results at Itzulia Women, Women’s Tour, Tour de Suisse, Ladies Tour of Norway.

Growing up in Alaska gave Kristen a deep appreciation for the outdoors and helped her develop a sense of resiliency.

Before she became a cyclist, Kristen worked in finance in Manhattan. She missed team sports – she had been a rower in college – and so she went to a women’s introductory cycling clinic in Central Park. She enjoyed that enough to do a race and once she experienced how much strategy and tactical thinking cycling required, she knew it was the sport for her.

When she’s at home in Girona, Kristen loves to grocery shop at the local farmers markets, letting fresh produce inspire her in the kitchen. She focuses on creating healthy, vegetable-based dishes.

Questions & Answers

What is your favorite climb? What makes it special?

Els Àngels. It's where I start and end a lot of rides. I have done so many hard efforts on that climb that it's become a permanent part of my journey as a pro cyclist.

When a race gets tough, what do you tell yourself?


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?

Nepal. I want to climb Mt. Everest and spend time with Buddhist monks.

Who is your favorite athlete in any sport? What do you admire about them?

Billie Jean King. She paved the way for female athletes.

Giro, Tour, or Vuelta? Why?

Giro. It's where I’ve had my best and worst days on the bike. And post-race Italian dinners are the best.

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