Noemi Rüegg


Schöfflisdorf, Switzerland

Date of birth

19 April 2001


German, English, and French



Noemi came to bike racing through her family. At first, her goal was simply to keep up with her brother who is five years older than her. Their dad was involved with a local cycling club and Noemi slowly grew more and more curious. When she was 13, she finished her first cyclocross race and was hooked.

She turned professional on the road as a 19-year-old, leaving her full-time job caring for disabled people in a home. She is a two-time Under-23 Swiss time trial national champion but her heart belongs to the classics. Noemi loves a punchy course, the more chaotic, the better. She is not afraid to be aggressive in the peloton and loves the excitement and energy of a hectic race.

Noemi is only 22 and still discovering her path in the sport. In 2024, she will focus on learning from races and her teammates. Her ultimate goals are to podium in one of the classics and to develop as a stage racer.

Questions & Answers

What is your favorite climb? What makes it special?

The Albula Pass in Switzerland. It’s a 30 kilometer climb in the most beautiful part of Switzerland. It's just beautiful because you can climb so long with a nice view. I did it many times with my dad and always had the best time riding up there together.

When a race gets tough, what do you tell yourself?

Everybody is suffering now! And as long as I can still breathe, I can still attack.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?

Honestly I think I would stay in Switzerland. There is no place like home and I just love the variety of nature Switzerland has to offer.

If you weren't a professional cyclist, what would you be? Why?

Probably working as a care worker in a disabled home. I did my apprenticeship in that and love being with people and making them happy.

What is your favorite word in your native language? What does it mean? What do you like about it?

There are many funny words in Swiss German but I think "Bireweich" is one of my favorites. It means totally crazy or insane. The direct translation means "pear soft" and you can say it without a bad meaning.

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