Andrey Amador joins EF Education-EasyPost in 2023

Costa Rican rider brings experience and climbing prowess to the team

August 22, 2022

EF Education-EasyPost are delighted to have signed Andrey Amador to the team.

The Costa Rican, who has worn the Giro d’Italia’s coveted maglia rosa, adds experience to the roster.

Next year will mark Andrey’s 14th season racing at the WorldTour level and in that time, he has experienced the peaks and valleys of our sport, giving him a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on.

“I define myself as a rider who can give support in the best and worst moments,” Andrey says. ”If I have something, then I give it all and I give my best for the team. I sacrifice myself. Not only that, but I will aim for everything that I can reach.”

Over his career, Andrey has reached for plenty and his results show it, ranging from his 2008 win at the Tour de l’Avenir to wearing the leader’s jersey at his favorite race, the Giro d’Italia.

“The Giro is a big thing for me and I love it. I fought for a podium spot in 2015 and one year later I finally could wear the maglia rosa. That same day my parents came to Europe to watch the race. They took a rental car, and we were all together, my parents and girlfriend, so this was a wonderful moment. It deeply touched me and seeing myself battling for a podium spot and getting the jersey was a thing of beauty.”

Having known several EF Education-EasyPost riders over the years, he knew this was the right team for him.

“​​I’ve always been in touch with the riders, and I’m always hearing such good things about the team. Also, I loved watching Lachlan Morton and Alex Howes riding La Ruta de los Conquistadores. I just see this as a big team with so many countries represented,” Andrey says.

Team CEO, Jonathan Vaughters, says Andrey fills a valuable role within the roster.

"Amador is an anchor rider, meaning he anchors the team in terms of getting the hard work done. He is incredibly experienced. He has been top-ten in multiple grand tours. He is a very capable rider with a big engine in this part of his career. So what he is bringing to us is experience. He has still got this big engine, but he is an experienced helper that for such a young and constantly evolving team that is really repositioning itself in a big way for 2023, he brings stability and experience and the ability to teach a group of younger riders, when we have a very large group of Spanish-speaking young riders for next year that are going to need mentorship. He is a mentor."

Given that Andrey credits two Costa Rican former cyclists with giving him the inspiration and support to pursue his goal of turning professional himself, he views the opportunity to mentor his new teammates a grand responsibility and an honor.

At 35-years-old, Andrey is as motivated as ever to continue racing.

“I want to come back to my real level, and I’m very confident I will do that. I am ready to help the team, to give my best for my teammate or our leader and give the team what they need in the best possible way. I want to be a rider who they can rely on.”

When Andrey needs to unwind, he grabs his fishing pole and heads to the coast.

“The sea, fishing. I love it. Going to the sea and feeling the sand on my feet, this just makes me feel good. And when the season finishes, I like to go there and the time just flies away. I can easily be there for six or seven hours. But if I’m honest with you, my bike is my everything. I’m not the type of rider who says, ‘I’m going to disconnect for a month’ and then doesn’t touch his bike. Never! It’s my life. Not only my occupation, but also my life.”

Today, Andrey still finds the same joy in riding that he first discovered as a kid in Costa Rica when he and his brother joined their local bike shop for mountain bike rides.

“Riding my bike. It’s my life, my passion.”

And we love to see it. Welcome to the team, Andrey!

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