Stefan Bissegger’s European Champion’s Cannondale SuperSlice

The Swiss time trialist will debut his new championship TT bike at the Chrono des Nations

October 14, 2022

On Sunday, Stefan Bissegger will race the Chrono des Nations on a new Cannondale SuperSlice decked out in the colours of the European flag.

The Swiss earned his white-and-blue stripes and gold stars this summer at the European championships in Fürstenfeldbruck, where he hurtled around the Bavarian countryside to win the gold medal and right to wear the Euro livery in time trials for the coming year.

At the Chrono des Nations, he will roll down a start ramp for the first time in his champion’s speedsuit. To celebrate the occasion, Cannondale built Stefan a special SuperSlice in Euro colours. Blue and white with gold European stars, it will match the championship kit that Rapha designed for Stefan and his new POC Tempor.

Vision has crafted a special disc wheel with the Euro motif. Otherwise, Stefan’s bike is his stock race-winning set up. He has got a Vision Metron 91 front wheel and is running 26mm Vittoria Corsa Speed tires. He will race 172.5-mm FSA K-Force Light cranks with a power2max power meter to gauge his effort and Wahoo SPEEDPLAY AERO pedals. For the moment, he has mounted a 58-tooth front chainring, but may go bigger depending on the conditions. His 46-tooth inner ring will stay as clean as a whistle during the fast, rolling French time trial. Stefan will crank out the watts from his favourite Prologo TT Zero saddle. His carbon-fibre Vision TT bars were crafted specially for him after hours of testing in the wind tunnel.

It’s a bike made to go very fast. Stefan will be a white-and-blue blur this Sunday at the Chrono des Nations.

Check out the full-specs for his European champion’s Cannondale SuperSlice TT bike.

Stefan Bissegger’s European Champion’s Cannondale SuperSlice

Stefan Bissegger's Cannondale SuperSlice


Cannondale SuperSlice


Prologo Zero TT


Custom-made Vision carbon-fibre TT bars


FSA K-Force Light with power2max power meter


Shimano DURA-ACE Di2


Shimano DURA-ACE


Vision Metron TFW + Vision Metron 91


26mm Vittoria Corsa Speed



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