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Get a better helmet from POC

The Swedish maker’s design sense and commitment to safety is second to none

December 9, 2022

Our POC helmets keep getting better.

The Swedish manufacturer continues to change bike-helmet design for good.

POC brought their clean, colorful aesthetics and their devotion to safety to the road in 2014. We’ve been wearing their helmets ever since. POC helmets are lighter, airier, and more comfortable than anything we had ever worn before. Racing down wet mountain descents or over cobbles, we’re certain that our heads are safe.

“I really like my helmet,” says Merhawi Kudus. “It looks cool and stands out in the peloton. It is very light and very comfortable. I love the design!”

As good as POC helmets look, science has always driven the brand’s product development process. Their research with champion skiers who scream down icy slopes at 140 km/hr inform their bike-racing innovations and vice versa.

Our pro riders put them through more wear in a season of racing and training than most athletes do in a decade. We still recommend that you replace your helmet every three years. Materials lose strength over time, and you want to make sure your helmet is going to protect your head if you fall.

That is why POC exists.

POC’s mission is to ‘Protect lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for athletes and anyone inspired to be one.’

POC’s mission is to ‘Protect lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for athletes and anyone inspired to be one.’

POC will never compromise your safety for performance or looks. POC’s engineers don’t believe that is a choice they ever have to make. Every POC helmet meets exacting safety standards. The finest minds in research, medicine and safety advise POC every time they develop a new helmet.

That means that picking a new helmet comes down to your performance goals. If you are a racer, aerodynamics should be the decisive factor. If you enjoy long mountainous rides in summer, ventilation will be your main concern. Off-road riding calls for extra protection. Every POC helmet is going to look great for rides to your favourite café.

POC’s road helmet lineup is based around the Ventral and Omne platforms. Read on to learn about their advantages, but first check out the POC gift guide.

POC gift guide


Our team-issue Ventral MIPS helmets offer the best-ever aerodynamic performance, protection, and ventilation. Internal airflow channels allow air to pass through rather than around the helmet. Wind-tunnel testing proves that this minimises the helmet’s wake. It also keeps our heads cool when we are racing up hot mountain roads in races like the Tour de France. MIPS provides enhanced rotational impact protection and the EPS liner, unibody polycarbonate shell, and adjustable 360° fit provides the lightweight comfort we have come to expect from POC. The Ventral MIPS is surely the best helmet for WorldTour road racing.

The Ventral also comes in Air and Tempus versions. The Air offers even more ventilation for the hottest summer days and can be purchased with an NFC chip that lets you upload your basic medical information. It is also available in a wider fit. The Tempus is for cold-weather training and racing. A fully covered shelled provides complete wind and rain protection.

Our riders love the minimalist Ventral Lite, which weighs a feathery 200 grams. Every component of this helmet has been engineered to minimise weight and enhance safety. POC's lightest ever helmet offers exceptional airflow to keep our riders cool in the heat of a race.


WorldTour proven aerodynamics: The helmet's airflow zones are inspired by the Venturi effect to reduce drag. Residual air travelling around the helmet is controlled by a 22° aero trailing edge: the perfect angle for minimising turbulence.

Internal airflow channels: The innovative airflow design pushes air through the helmet for exceptional ventilation.

Seamless fit with POC Aim sunglasses

Get a POC Ventral if you are looking for a WorldTour proven helmet for top-speed racing.

Check out the POC Ventral


The Omne Air takes design and engineering cues from both the Ventral and the Octal to deliver excellent comfort, fit, and performance. We particularly like the Rapha edition, which comes in understated grey pinstripe, blue, or birch colorways. It’s a great looking, lightweight helmet that will keep you safe on all your rides.


All-day comfort: A 360° adjustment system makes it easy to find a secure, comfortable fit.

Slim, elegant profile: keeps weight down.

Seamless fit with POC Aspire sunglasses

Get a POC Omne if you want a lightweight and comfortable helmet that will keep you safe as you ride further.

Check out the POC Omne

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