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EF Pro Cycling's 2023 holiday gift guide

The best cycling goods to give your loved ones

November 21, 2023

The holidays are just around the corner.

Get ahead of the pack and do your shopping now, so you can enjoy the festive season riding bikes and relaxing with your family and friends. For the cyclists in your life, here is our annual holiday gift guide.

We’re fortunate to use the best cycling goods during the racing season. When it comes time to buy presents, we often turn to the products that we have come to love and trust on the road. If you are looking for a few special items this holiday season, we know these will make great gifts for your loved ones.

EF Education First

At EF Education First, we believe that the world is better when people try to understand one another. Since 1965, EF Education First has helped millions of people see new places, experience new cultures, and learn new things about the world and about themselves. We open the world through education.

Team pick: EF English Live

On our team, we have riders and staff from every continent except Antarctica. We share many languages, but when we all get together, we usually speak English. For teammates who didn’t grow up with the language, EF English Live is the best way to improve their skills. It brings real, 100% certified native-speaking teachers to online learning. They are always available and will design lessons and classes that fit your routine.

EF English Live

Team EF Coaching

Benefit from the knowledge and experience our team has earned in the WorldTour. Whatever your ambitions, our coaches are ready to teach you Tour de France-proven training, nutrition, and technique to make you a better cyclist.

Team pick: 1:1 coaching

We can’t think of a better gift than helping your favorite cyclist reach their full potential. That’s why we started Team EF Coaching—to pass on skills, techniques, and lessons from our pro team to help riders everywhere become better athletes. Our 1:1 coaching offers the ultimate support, with pro coaches that have decades of experience in every cycling discipline as well as nutrition and strength training support. Over the last year, our coaching athletes have won age group world championships, podiumed at the Giro d'Italia Donne and accomplished a huge range of additional goals, big and small. Get 10% off 1:1 coaching* using the code PROTEAM 10.

*offer ends December 24, 2023, available on one month of monthly subscription or one year of annual subscription to Essentials, Core, or Premium 1:1 coaching.

1:1 coaching

EF Pro Cycling Fan Merch

Find the goods for your next adventure. Our latest collections were designed for athletes and world travelers and inspired by your favorite pro cycling team. Use the code HOLIDAY10 to get 10% off your whole purchase from our online store from now until December 24.

Team pick: The Alt Tour Tote Bag

Holds cycling shoes or tinned cassoulet and a baguette — or your laptop and books. Best used to hold maps for your next adventure. The Alt Tour tote is made from heavy-duty organic cotton. The design was inspired by Lachlan Morton’s solo ride around France during the 2021 Tour de France. It is simple and sturdy with reinforced straps, just like Lachy’s Birks.

Alt Tour Tote Bag


Cannondale has supplied us with the best bikes in the peloton for eight years. They have been pushing bicycle design forward since 1971. Founded in Connecticut for bike riders who want to explore their own limits, they bring the latest developments in science and engineering to our WorldTour race machines—and our gravel bikes, and our cyclocross bikes, and our mountain bikes. Together, we are reinventing bike racing.

Team pick: Kids Trail Balance

Start your little rippers off right with Cannondale’s Kids Trail Balance bike. It’s super light, super tough, and looks super cool. With fast, grippy tires and a seatpost you can set for kids aged one to four, your toddler won’t be toddling for long. Shredding corners will become second nature. And how about that bright pink Lefty fork!

Kids Trail Balance


We have been shaking up professional racing with Rapha since 2019. The London-based marque was founded in 2004 to make cycling the most popular sport in the world. Rapha makes our on-bike and off-bike clothing.

Team pick: Pro Team GORE-TEX WINDSTOPPER™ Jersey

Don’t let the winter slow you down. Rapha’s Pro Team GORE-TEX WINDSTOPPER™ Jersey is made to perform, whatever the weather. Windproof, rain-resistant, and exceptionally breathable, it is cut to cut through the wind. It is available in men's and women's fits. When temperatures drop, it is our classics team’s favourite jersey for training and racing. Get one for your loved one before they start their Festive 500.



Wahoo makes advanced sports technology simple and intuitive so athletes can focus on their goals. Day in and day out, they provide us with better ways to use technology in racing and training.

Team Pick: Wahoo KICKR MOVE

Wet roads and cold make training difficult. When the weather outside is frightful, our riders often ride indoors to get their work in on their Wahoo KICKRs. With the brand-new KICKR MOVE, they can get the power out like they would on the road. For sprints and explosive intervals, it allows their bike to move fore and aft and side to side underneath them, just like it would in a race situation. That freedom of movement also makes it possible for them to ride longer in more comfort. The Wahoo X virtual platform makes their training even more engaging. Get your favorite cyclists a KICKR MOVE so they can keep riding through the winter.



POC brought their clean, colorful aesthetics and their devotion to safety to the road in 2014. We’ve been wearing the Swedish brand’s helmets and sunglasses ever since. POC helmets are the lightest, airiest, most comfortable, and safest you can get.

Team pick: POC Ventral

POC’s Ventral is our WorldTour proven racing helmet. Combining aerodynamic performance, exceptional ventilation, and uber-light weight, the Ventral is the most comfortable helmet our riders have ever worn. And it looks cool too. Safety is still the first priority for POC. The Ventral Lite provides optimized protection in a featherlight design that weighs less than 200 grams. The Ventral Mips enhances rotational impact protection. It has undergone hours and hours of testing in the wind tunnel to minimize drag. Most cyclists don’t replace their helmets often enough, but every one of them will love to unwrap a POC Ventral.



Muc-Off cleans our bikes better. And because our bikes are cleaner, they are faster, more durable, and more fun to ride. Stepping onto our bikes after a Muc-Off wash is like stepping onto a brand-new machine.

Team pick: Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit

Wash your bike! Our mechanics make sure our riders keep their training bike in order. Ride on wet roads in winter and the mud and gunk will build up fast and wear out components almost as quickly. You have to wash it off to keep your ride running smoothly. Muc-Off’s Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit comes with everything you need; bike cleaner, a microcell sponge, soft washing brush, detailing brush, two prong brush, microfiber cloth, drivetrain cleaner, bike protect, and bio wet lube, all packed in to a proper nice toolbox. Get your loved one theirs and save them a trip to the mechanic.

Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit

Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep provides the most advanced sleep technology on the market and is changing the way athletes recover.

Team pick: Eight Sleep Pod 3

Better sleep is vital to athletic performance. During exhausting blocks of training in the summer heat, good nights of rest keep our riders sharp and help them recover better and avoid injuries. The Eight Sleep Pod 3 dynamically heats and cools the bed to optimize sleep and recovery, leading to improved performance and overall well-being. Use the discount code EF150 and save $150 on the Pod.

Pod 3


Tailfin makes technical bike-packing equipment for racing and expeditions. Lachlan Morton took their racks and bags on the Tour Divide. Now, our riders won’t use anything else. Tailfin’s designers and engineers use the best materials to create simple, intelligent products that will stand up to the most rigorous use.

Team pick: 1.1L Flip Lid Top Tube Pack

Take weight off your back. Whether you are rolling out for a weeks-long adventure or a morning spin, Tailfin’s 1.1L Flip Top Tube Pack will let you keep your most needed items out of your pockets and close to hand. The fully waterproof Flip Top Tube Pack will fit on a road bike, gravel bike, or mountain bike. Get one and you will never have to worry about getting a phone or camera wet. Thanks to the Mag-Lock closure system, you will be able to get your stuff in an instant, even with winter gloves. Pro tip: keep a dry baselayer in there to change into after winter café stops.

Flip Lid Top Tube Pack


Incrediwear is almost magic. Their garments are vital to our recovery routine. Semiconductors woven into the fabric activate cellular vibrations to promote blood flow and reduce inflammation and swelling, relieve pain, restore mobility, and speed up recovery.

Team pick: Incrediwear leg sleeves

In the bus after a grand tour stage or in the evening back at the hotel, our riders will put Incrediwear’s leg sleeves on to help their muscles heal. They soothe sore legs, allowing us to race at our best day after day. Every athlete should have a set.

Leg Sleeves


Prologo’s mission is simple: to be the best. We work with the Italian brand to create better saddles and bar tape. Prologo saddles are strong, lightweight, and tailored to our bodies, so we can put power through the pedals comfortably and efficiently during the longest, hardest races.

Team pick: OneTouch Gel handlebar tape

Every bike rider gets it; newly wrapped handlebars are a great treat. Fresh bar tape makes your bike feel like new. Prologo’s OneTouch Gel tape is our mechanics’ favorite. It provides soft, safe grip in all weather conditions. You can get it in a whole range of colors to match your favorite cyclist’s bike.

OneTouch Gel


Full Speed Ahead. FSA’s name says it all. We work closely with their engineers to design faster components for our race bikes. Our stems, handlebars, seat posts and chain rings are all FSA.

Team pick: Mechanic Tool Bag

Pro bike mechanics are meticulous. Ours compete to have the best organized, best stocked tool kit in the truck. Home bike mechanics are not always so meticulous. Help yours clean up. With FSA’s Mechanic Tool Bag, they could soon give our mechanos a run for their allen keys. The heavy-duty nylon bag folds up like a briefcase, so you can bring it on your travels. Never fumble for a tool again.

Mechanic Tool Bag


Vision is obsessed with aerodynamics. We have made countless trips to the wind tunnel with them to improve the performance of our race wheels. Their engineers are constantly asking for feedback to make sure that their wheels exceed the real-world demands of WorldTour competition, where speed counts most.

Team pick: Vision Team Mini Clip-On

Time trialing is bike racing’s purest test. It’s just you against the clock on the fastest line down the road, pushing against the wind. Our performance team has got it down to a science. They spend hours in wind tunnels refining our riders’ positions and equipment to reduce aerodynamic drag and save a second here, another second there. That shouldn’t put you off from rocking up to your local TT on your own bike. If you’re strong, you will go fast on whatever bike you're on. Improve your aerodynamics and you will go a lot faster—kilometers per hour faster. For a start, clip on these mini Vision extensions to your road bike and go do a TT. You’ll be amazed by how much free speed you just got. Vision makes our TT bars as well. Free speed is the best present for a cyclist!

Team Mini Clip-On


Italian tire manufacturer Vittoria has been racing at the front of the peloton for over 60 years. Its innovations have changed cycling. Vittoria tires are faster and grippier thanks to its engineers’ determination to always push ahead. Racing down wet descents or into sprints, hurtling across time trial courses, and for training day-to-day, we trust Vittoria.

Team pick: Vittoria Rubino Pro

For racing, you want the fastest, grippiest, lightest tire that you can get. For training, you want the most durable tire you can get. With Vittoria’s Rubino Pros, there is hardly a compromise. They are light. They are grippy. Tubeless-ready, they can be run at lower pressures for smooth road feel and better speed. And they will never pinch flat. Thanks to a 150 TPI nylon casing and graphene infused rubber, they will last for thousands of kilometers. Ride them with Vitttoria’s sealant and Air-Liners and you will hardly have to worry about flats for the rest of the winter. Save the bike riders in your life cold minutes, shivering by the side of the road, trying to fix theirs.

Rubino Pro


Silca brings old-world craftsmanship to the manufacture of cycling technology. Founded in 1917 in Milan, Italy, Silca remains focused on building goods that will last, using the finest materials, and investing in state-of-the-art technology.

Team pick: Silca Pista

This one is an icon. Silca Pista floor pumps are built to last lifetimes. The one at our service course has been in use for as long as any of our mechanics remember. It’s a classic, compact design that hardly takes up any space in their truck. Pumping tires with its wooden handle is a ritual that will connect anyone to cycling’s golden era and future.



power2max power meters are designed to beat all rivals in terms of precision, reliability, and price–and be easy to use. They are WorldTour proven products that we trust 100%.

Team pick: power2max power meter

A power meter is the most accurate way to measure your effort on a bike. Our power2max power meters are highly accurate, easy to use, and simple to maintain, and they provide us with all of the data we need to train effectively. If your young one dreams of going pro, reward their ambition. Get them a power2max power meter.

Power Meter


TrainingPeaks is the fitness tracker for high-performance athletes. It provides cutting-edge workout analysis, so you can train smart, easily track your progress and achieve your fitness goals.

Team pick: TrainingPeaks Premium

Help the athlete in your life analyze their training data like a pro. At the moment, TrainingPeaks is offering a 25% discount on their Premium package. It is the best tool available to monitor your progress and work towards your fitness goals. Get the app that our coaches and riders trust.

TrainingPeaks Premium

Best Bike Split

Best Bike Split is an innovative program which uses course information, power data, and weather conditions to develop race-day pacing plans.

Team pick: Best Bike Split athlete subscription

You have watched someone train for months. Help them get the best out of themselves on race day. They will want to get to the finish line, having left it all on the road, but not blow up. We use Best Bike Split to determine our pacing strategy for time trials. The app’s math and physics engine lets us prepare for our races with unmatched accuracy and detail. The athletes you love will love it too. Use EFPRO23 to get 25% off any Premium BBS subscription (including Coach Subscriptions). This code will work from now until December 31, 2023.

Athlete Subscription


Pelotan makes sunscreen for the unique demands of high-performance sport. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and able to withstand hour after hour of intense, sweaty exercise, while protecting your skin from damaging UV rays.

Team pick: Pelotan SPF 30 200ml spray

The fact is that too many cyclists don’t protect themselves from the sun. No one wants sunscreen blocking their pores or stinging their eyes in the middle of a hot, sweaty race. Pelotan is made for us. It provides lightweight, breathable, high-performance sun protection. And it smells really, really good. Summer days might be far off, but get your family and friends Pelotan now, so they’ll be prepared for the spring’s first shorts-and-jersey days.

200ml Spray


Founded by former professional cyclists, Bend36 makes high-performance creams and lotions for athletes to use before, during, and after racing and training. It is named after the turns on the Stelvio.

Team pick: Bend36 chamois cream

We spend a lot of time in the saddle. In a year, we will cover tens of thousands of kilometers on our bikes. Bend36’s chamois cream keeps us pedaling comfortably. Its grand tour-proven formula protects the skin, prevents bacterial and fungal infections, moisturizes, and soothes chafing, so we can keep going hour after hour.

Chamois Cream

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