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Team recipe: Energy balls

December 28, 2020

Make room, rice cakes. There’s another snack in town that cyclists can’t get enough of.

Our team’s nutritionist Nigel shared one of his favorite snack recipes with us that will keep your energy levels up while making your stomach happy. These treats are perfect at any time of day, whether you’d like to enjoy them before, after, or during your ride. A blender or food processor and 4 simple ingredients is all you’ll need to get started. Now let’s begin…


100 grams oats (1 cup)

250 grams dates (1 cup)

60 grams chia seeds (1/3 cup)

50 grams agave nectar (2 tablespoons)


Blend the oats, dates, and chia seeds together in a blender/food processor.

Add your agave in and blend once more.

Roll into balls and place in fridge for 30-60 minutes until firm. Now enjoy!

Enjoy your snack and thanks to Nigel for sharing this recipe with us. Want more recipes from our team’s nutritionist? Well, look no further than his new guide to plant-powered cycling. Priced at £14.99 / $18.42 US / €16.70, GCN’s The Plant-Based Cyclist – the accessible, complete and practical guide to plant-powered cycling nutrition – is available exclusively from the Global Cycling Network (GCN) at Discover more from GCN at

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