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Team recipe: Lemon Chia Overnight Oats

Team Chef Ida Bergslokken tells you how to make one of our favorite pre-bike-ride breakfasts

June 20, 2023

Our team chef and resident marathoner Ida Bergslokken is nothing if not exacting.

Ida makes healthy and delicious meals for our riders with all of the care and attention to detail that she brings to her grocery-store-parking-lot interval sessions. (For more on those… watch RaceTV).

Ida worked with our team nutritionist Will Girling to develop her overnight oats recipe. A single serving contains 318 calories, with 43.4 grams of carbs, 11.5 grams of protein, and 7.6 grams of fat, which makes it a great, balanced breakfast to fuel early-morning training sessions. Before big days on the bike, our riders will eat more. They love how Ida’s Lemon Chia Overnight Oats taste and the energy they provide. They have no idea how easy they are to make.

Here’s how you can make Ida’s Lemon Chia Overnight Oats at home. Try it tonight and breakfast will be waiting for you to fuel tomorrow morning’s ride.


Almond milk


Oatmeal (Regular or quick rolled oats)



0.5 tsp


0.25 tsp



Chia seeds

1 tsp

Soy milk



1 tbsp

Lemon juice

from 1/4 of a lemon

Lemon zest

from 1/4 of a lemon


Chuck all of the ingredients except lemon zest in a bowl. Stir well.

Cover the bowl with cling wrap and put it in the fridge overnight.

Add lemon zest in the morning.

Enjoy. And go biking!

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