Explore Podcast: Meet the Mortons

Lachy and Gus tell their cycling stories in episode one of our new podcast

March 28, 2023

Lachlan Morton and his brother Gus join us for episode one of the Explore podcast.

From local crits in Port Macquarie, Australia to the WorldTour and back, with a whole lot of bikepacking, mountain-biking, filmmaking, and minor-league bike racing along the way, Lachlan and Gus have invented and reinvented themselves over and over on their journeys on bikes and inspired countless others to ride in new ways.

Lachlan and Gus didn’t come from a cycling family, but bike riding has given them one. The brothers started out chasing each other around their backyard, which lead to trips to ever bigger races with their mum and dad and then world-class competition with professional teams.

Their enthusiasm for racing has waxed and waned, but now, wherever they are in the world, and whatever place they are at in their lives, they know they can go for a bike ride and bond. And not just with each other.

Busy careers, for Gus as a filmmaker and Lachy as cycling’s most adventurous racer, take the Morton brothers around the world. And wherever they go, from Colombia to Kenya to the Ukrainian border, they meet bike riders and go for bike rides and are welcomed into the the local chapter of our great, global cycling community.

That, ultimately, is why sport matters: the good that it can do in the world.

Get your headphones or turn on your speakers.

Let’s explore the world of cycling with Lachlan and Gus Morton.

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Explore Podcast: Meet the Mortons

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