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September 11, 2023

12 days, 12 hours, 21 minutes

2,670 miles (4,296 KM) ridden. 192,000 Feet (58,521 meters) climbed. Two countries visited. Five states and one province crossed. Four storms weathered. Wild horses, wolves, elk, moose, deer, eagles, antelope, chinchillas and coyotes spotted. Unknown amounts of candy bars and gallons of milk consumed.

Lachlan unclipped from his pedals at the US border with Mexico in Antelope Wells at 9:24pm Mountain Time. 12 days 12 hours 21 minutes was his time. His time from Canada to Mexico along the Divide will be talked about for a long, long time. To own a record, though, was never the point.

Lachlan wanted to experience the big point-to-point in a mentally and physically sustainable way, at least for him. He pushed massive days in the saddle, but he also stopped to sleep and rest for 12 hours out of every 48. He was curious how fast he could go with such a plan. Now we know: Fast.

Thank you to those along the way who cheered and who helped Lachy out when he rolled through town. And thank you to those who donated to Adventure for All — we’re at $20,050 raised, and you can still contribute.

There’s more to come from this journey in the form of a full film with Thereabouts, so stay tuned. Thank you for following the dot. We hope Lachlan’s ride inspires you to explore the world on two wheels.

Now, time to get some rest.

Enjoy these pictures from Lachlan's Tour Divide

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