Alberto Bettiol sprints to fifth at Milano-Sanremo

Italian caps off a powerful team performance in the first Monument of the year

March 16, 2024

After racing nearly 300 kilometers from the outskirts of Milano to the Italian Riviera, Alberto Bettiol matched attack after attack, going with cycling’s galacticos as they tried to sprint away from the remains of the peloton over the Poggio.

He’d hit the climb at the front, as he had done on the Cipressa and each of the earlier climbs that rise above the coastal road that winds along the Med. That was thanks to the work done by his teammates. Alberto sang their praises after the finish in Sanremo, where he had sprinted to fifth.

Hear from him and the rest of our squad before they travel to Belgium for the cobbled classics.

Alberto Bettiol

The team was amazing. I was especially impressed, because a lot of guys here were doing Milano-Sanremo for the first time. It is not easy to ride a Monument like this for the first time, but I am really proud of them and the way they rode and hope that they learn for the future. Hopefully they will do better than me one day and win!

The finale was really fast. Pogacar was really strong on the Poggio, but in the end it was difficult to make a gap because we went really fast all day. Milano-Sanremo is like this. You never know who is going to win until the last 100 meters. It is one of the only races in the world where you really don’t know how it is going to end. Sanremo is a really, really open race. You need a lot of experience to read it well. Our team was young in experience, but I am really proud of my teammates.

For the upcoming weeks, I am really confident. I showed everyone what I can do. I won Milano-Torino a few days ago. Today, I was top ten, so let’s hope we have another good couple of weeks in the Belgian classics and for the rest of the year.

Yuhi Todome

It was so fun. I was so very excited. I tried hard, did my best, and finished the race. Bettiol was fifth, which is a good result. Thank you so much everyone for cheering.

Marijn van den Berg

It was a nice experience. We rode super well as a team and stuck together all the time. Going into the climbs, Alberto was always in perfect position. I think we did this really well. For me personally, I was good. I still need to take some steps to compete for the win in a few years. But, like I said, this was nice with Alberto. I think we did super well as a team.

Jonas Rutsch

It was a long day. In the end, we did quite well. I am happy with how it went. Now, I am tired. It is always pretty hectic in the final. I am glad that it is over now and we got a good result with Alberto. It was a good day.

Harry Sweeny

It was a really nice race actually. Almost 300 kilometers! I had a good time, had a chat with my mates before we hit the climb and then we hit the coast and it was pretty much on from then. The stress started early, but we were one of the few teams that sat back a bit and relaxed. Then we got Alberto into the bottom of the Cipressa in third or fourth wheel. I used up quite a lot of energy there, so I had to count my matches a little bit on the Cipressa and take it as easy as I could. We came back just before Poggio, and then I tried to find Alberto, but got a little bit lost. Still he went into the Poggio in fifth or sixth spot. It was a good day.

Andrey Amador

It was really hard. I am tired. But we are happy! Alberto came in fifth place. He was in the front. It is not always possible to win.

Michael Valgren

It was a fast day with beautiful weather, a typical Milano-Sanremo, with the stress building all day. But we did an amazing job as a team, were always on top of things, and in the end we finished fifth with Alberto, which is a good result, maybe not what we wanted, but I think we can be proud of the way we raced. I am proud of the guys who did it for the first time really well. We can build from this and take it to next week in Belgium!

I felt steady, strong, like a Danish Viking. I did my job, hit the Cipressa first with the team on my wheel. That was what I had to do, so I am happy with that.

Sports Director, Andreas Klier

If you look at the sprint, if you look at the Cipressa and how we rode into the Cipressa, if you look at how Alberto followed the attack from Pogacar and company, I think the team did very well. I don’t think we had the possibility to drop the créme de la créme today. That was impossible. But Alberto and the whole team rode a very strong race.I hope we win it next year or the year after that. The guys did very well and that gives us confidence for all of the races that are just around the corner.

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