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Our holiday gift guide

The best cycling goods to give to your loved ones

December 20, 2022

Holiday bells are ringing.

Last week, our team met in Girona for our first winter training camp. Riding together on the Catalan roads was wonderful. Now, we’re on our way to our homes to spend the festive season with our families and friends all over the world.

We just have the last of our holiday shopping to do. We’re fortunate to use the best cycling goods during the racing season. When it comes time to buy gifts, we often turn to the products that we have come to love and trust on the road. If you are looking for things to hide under your tree, we know these will make great gifts for your loved ones.

EF Education First

At EF Education First, we believe that the world is better when people try to understand one another. Since 1965, EF Education First has helped millions of people see new places, experience new cultures, and learn new things about the world and about themselves. We open the world through education.

Team pick: EF English Live

On our team, we have riders and staff from every continent except Antarctica. We have many shared languages, but when we all get together, we usually speak English. For teammates who didn’t grow up with the language, EF English Live is the best way to improve their skills. It brings real, 100% certified native-speaking teachers to online learning. They are always available and will design lessons and classes that fit your routine.

EF English Live

Team EF Coaching

Benefit from the knowledge and experience our team has earned in the WorldTour. Whatever your ambitions, our coaches are ready to teach Tour de France-proven training, nutrition, and technique to make you a better cyclist.

Team pick: Foundations training plan

The best gift you could give your favourite cyclist is better cycling. With Team EF Coaching, they could take their riding to the next level. Every bike rider will learn a tonne from a Foundations plan. It’s very affordable, and will give structure and purpose to their riding. Whatever their goals, Team EF Coaching is ready to help them become faster, more skilful bike riders. It’s a gift that will keep on giving right through the year.

EF Coaching Foundations


Cannondale has supplied us with the best bikes in the business for seven years. They have been pushing bicycle design forward since 1971. Founded in Connecticut for bike riders who want to explore their own limits, they bring the latest developments in science and engineering to our World Tour race machines—and our gravel bikes, and our cyclocross bikes, and our mountain bikes. Together, we are reinventing bike racing.

If you need help picking your next frame, check out our guide.

Team pick: Cannondale SuperSix EVO SE

Christmas came early this year for Magnus Cort and Lachlan Morton. This fall, Cannondale released the SuperSix EVO SE. Lachlan and Magnus tested it out at the gravel world championships and fell in love with its explosive kick and the grip it provides in the turns. The frame is ready for cyclocross racing too. If you’ve got a really, really special off-road rider in your life, get them a Cannondale SuperSix EVO SE.

Cannondale SuperSix EVO SE


We have been shaking up professional racing with Rapha since 2019. The London-based marque was founded in 2004 to make cycling the most popular sport in the world. Rapha makes our on-bike and off-bike clothing.

Team pick: Rapha EF Education - EasyPost Lightweight Snood

Our team-issue Rapha snoods pack an awesome amount of warmth into very little fabric. They keep our necks cosy during winter rides and stop cold air from blowing into our jackets. We’ll pull them up over our chins when the road turns downhill. Pink and green to match our kit, the lightweight, breathable fabric never gets soggy.

EF Education-EasyPost Lightweight Snood


Wahoo makes advanced sports technology simple and intuitive so athletes can focus on their goals. Day in and day out, they show us better ways to use technology in racing and training.

Team pick: Wahoo ELEMNT Rival watch

Our coaches encourage us to cross-train during the offseason. We bring our Wahoo ELEMNT Rival watches to keep track of our hikes, swims, skis, gym sessions, and runs. The watch brings the same intuitive ELEMNT operating system that we are familiar with from our BOLT and ROAM bike computers to our wrists. Dozens of customisable sport modes ensure that we can see all of the data we are interested in at a glance.

Wahoo ELEMNT Rival


POC brought their clean, colorful aesthetics and their devotion to safety to the road in 2014. We’ve been wearing the Swedish brand’s helmets and sunglasses ever since. POC helmets are the lightest, airiest, most comfortable, and safest you can get.

Take a look at our guide to find out which one best suits your style of riding.

Team pick: POC Devour sunglasses

Designed for a seamless fit with our POC Ventral helmets, our uber-lightweight POC Devour sunglasses provide exceptional eye coverage and protection. POC’s Swedish engineers brought technology from their ski goggles to the design. Ventilated Zeiss lenses let us see races in stunning clarity, even in the worst weather conditions, thanks to the Ri-Pel treatment which sheds dirt, water, sweat, salt, oil and dust and makes them easy to clean.

POC Devour


We clean our bikes better with Muc-Off. And because our bikes are cleaner, they are faster, more durable, and more fun to ride. Stepping onto our bikes after a Muc-Off wash is like stepping onto a brand-new machine.

Team pick: Muc-Off mechanics gloves

At home, we have to wash our own bikes. These Muc-Off gloves let us keep our hands and bikes spotless. Designed to offer 360-degree protection from cuts and scratches and made from an ultra-lightweight fabric, they have a grippy polyurethane palm that preserves dexterity. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who likes to work on their own bike, our team mechanics swear by these ones.

Muc-Off mechanics gloves


Science first; never second. That is Neversecond’s motto. That’s why we trust their drink mixes and gels for racing. The Neversecond system makes feeding simple. We always know exactly how many carbs we’re taking in. And we know that Neversecond’s unique fuel blend will help us perform better for longer.

Team pick: Neversecond C30 Gels

Cyclists are different. Stuff their stockings with chocolate, and you might find them pawning it off on their nieces or nephews. You had better get them better fuel. Neversecond’s C30 gels deliver 30g of carbohydrate for fast-absorbing energy on the bike. We particularly like the red berry flavour.

Neversecond C30 gels


Incrediwear is almost magic. Their garments are vital to our recovery routine. Semiconductors woven into the fabric activate cellular vibrations to promote blood flow and reduce inflammation and swelling, relieve pain, restore mobility, and speed up recovery.

Team pick: Incrediwear knee sleeves

Our first big weeks on the bike after the fall break are hard on our bodies. We try to moderate our efforts to protect our joints, but long, cold-weather rides can still cause painful niggles as we get into the swing of training. Incrediwear knee sleeves make sure those little injuries go away faster. Semiconductors woven into the fabric increase blood flow and speed the natural healing process.

Incrediwear knee sleeves


Prologo’s mission is simple: to be the best. We work with the Italian brand to create better saddles and bar tape. Strong, lightweight Prologo saddles tailored to our bodies, so we can put power through the pedals comfortably and efficiently during the longest, hardest races.

Team pick: Prologo OneTouch Gel Bar Tape

New bar tape can make a bike feel brand new. Prologo’s OneTouch 2 tape is our mechanics’ favourite. It provides soft, safe grip in all weather conditions. You can get it in a whole range of colours to match your own machine.

Prologo OneTouch Gel Bar Tape


Full Speed Ahead. FSA’s name says it all. We work closely with their engineers to design faster components for our race bikes. Our stems, handlebars, seat posts and chain rings are all FSA.

Team pick: K-Force ABS Chainrings

Start the season fresh with new chainrings. After a year of wear and tear, yours might be worn out. There is almost nothing you can do that will improve your cycling experience more than mounting new rings. FSA’s cold-forged, CNC-machined chainrings will outperform and outlast the competition, delivering perfect shifts and superior drivetrain performance in the harshest conditions.

FSA K-Force ABS Chainrings


Vision is obsessed with aerodynamics. We have made countless trips to the wind tunnel with them to improve the performance of our race wheels. Their engineers are constantly asking for feedback to make sure that their wheels exceed the real-world demands of WorldTour competition, where speed counts most.

Team pick: Vision Metron 55

We love Vision’s Metron 55 tubeless wheelset. It is probably the most versatile wheel in our quiver. It can handle everything, from cobbles at the classics to Tour de France mountain stages. If you are a gravel racer, this is the wheel for you.

Vision Metron 55


Italian tire manufacturer Vittoria has been racing at the front of the peloton for over 60 years. Its innovations have changed cycling. Vittoria tires are faster and grippier thanks to its engineers’ determination to always push ahead. Racing down wet descents or into sprints, hurtling across time trial courses, and for training day-to-day, we trust Vittoria.

Team pick: Vittoria Airliners

It’s cold out. No one wants to get stuck on the side of the road, trying to fix a flat with frozen fingers. Tubeless tires are not just faster–here is why–they also eliminate pinch flats. There is still a small risk that you run over something sharp and puncture. Vittoria Airliners make your tubeless tires run-flat, so you don’t wreck your wheels if that happens. Airliners will keep your tire bead set firmly on the rim, so you can ride home safely and do your repairs in the warmth of your garage.

Vittoria Airliners


Silca brings old-world craftsmanship to the manufacture of cycling technology. Founded in 1917 in Milan, Italy, Silca remains focused on building goods that will last, using the finest materials, and investing in state-of-the-art technology.

Team pick: Silca Pista

This one is an icon. Silca Pista floor pumps are built to last lifetimes. The one at our service course has been in use for as long as any of our mechanics remember. It’s a classic, compact design that hardly takes up any space in their truck. Pumping tyres with its wooden handle is a ritual that will connect anyone to cycling’s golden era and future.

Silca Pista


power2max powermeters are designed to beat all rivals in terms of precision, reliability, and price–and be easy to use. They are WorldTour proven products that we trust 100%.

Team pick: power2max powermeter

If the young person in your life wants to turn pro, they need to start training with a powermeter. In modern cycling, it is an indispensable tool. Our power2max powemeters are highly accurate, easy to use, and simple to maintain, and they provide us with all of the data we need to train effectively. Reward your young one’s ambition. Get them a power2max powermeter.



Trainingpeaks is the fitness tracker for high-performance athletes. It provides cutting-edge workout analysis, so you can train smart, easily track your progress and achieve your fitness goals.

Team pick: Trainingpeaks App

Especially now, before we throw ourselves into the racing season, training is a matter of balancing stress and recovery. It is as easy to do too much as it is to do too little. With Trainingpeaks, we can assess what we have done and how we are performing and adjust our workload accordingly. The app lets us analyse our progress in real time, so we arrive at our goals in peak form. Give the athlete in your life the chance to be better on the day they are most looking forward to.

Save 25% on one year of TrainingPeaks Premium. Use code UPGRADE25 before Dec. 31 and enjoy Premium-only features, such as StackUp, Structured Workout Builder, and Weather.

Ready to crush your 2023 goals with powerful tools and cutting-edge data? Unlock your true potential with TrainingPeaks Premium today.



BestBikeSplit is an innovative programme which uses course information, power data, and weather conditions to develop race-day pacing plans.

Team pick: BestBikeSplit Athlete Subscription

You can be as fit as you want, but if you don’t execute on race day all that fitness will be wasted. We use BestBikeSplit to determine our pacing strategy for time trials. The app’s math and physics engine lets us plan out our races with unmatched accuracy and detail. The athletes you love will love it too.

BestBikeSplit Athlete Subscription


Pelotan makes sunscreen for the unique demands of high-performance sport. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and able to withstand hour after hour of intense, sweaty exercise, while protecting your skin from damaging UV rays.

Team pick: Pelotan team-edition sunscreen

The fact is that too many cyclists don’t protect themselves from the sun. We all want bronzed limbs and no one wants sunscreen blocking their pores or stinging their eyes in the middle of a hot, sweaty race. Pelotan is made for us. It provides lightweight, breathable high-performance sun protection. And it smells really, really good. Summer days might be far off, but get your family and friends Pelotan now, so they’ll be prepared for the spring’s first shorts-and-jersey days. Our favourites are the limited edition sprays and roll-ons that Pelotan made for our team.

Pelotan team-edition sunscreen


Founded by former professional cyclists, Bend 36 makes high-performance creams and lotions for athletes to use before, during, and after racing and training. It is named after the turns on the Stelvio.

Team pick: Bend36 chamois cream

We spend a lot of time in the saddle. In a year, we will cover tens of thousands of kilometres on our bikes. Bend36’s chamois cream keeps us pedalling comfortably. Its grand-tour proven formula protects the skin, prevents bacterial and fungal infections, moisturises, and soothes chafing, so we can keep going hour after hour.

Bend36 chamois cream

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